Live what you love to do...a lesson long learned through trial and error. 

I've been extremely blessed to follow multiple generations of equestrians and artists in my family. Each of us had a niche. Mine has been drawing and painting horses since I was just a baby. Seriously! My mom kept everything. I was born in Guam and my mom had me on my first horse in the Phillipines when I was six months old. I was hooked!

I have a passion for painting the point of view from the support group on the ground at horse shows. The grooms, the loved one, the trainer, the cheerleaders. I love the elements of the anticipation of the person that is there to groom, advise, and cheer on their equestrian from the paddock. I strive to show those little details of the working stock horse breeds. I still do love the hunters too. 

I've bred, raised and shown Appaloosas, Paints, and Quarter horses my entire life. I've competed from five years old in 4-H to the World Championship Show level as an adult. I've shown halter horses, showmanship, western pleasure, hunters, cutting horses, reining, trail, team penning, driving, and even a tiny bit of gaming. I've been so fortunate to have learned from some of the absolute best top horsemen and horsewomen in multiple breed industries. I've also been influenced and learned from the top photographers in those fields.

My parents always made sure that my siblings and I got to experience cultures around the world including art and music. I've been so honored to have met amazing artists in multiple genres of art. Their advice has been elemental in molding me into the artist I am today.

Growing up in the age of "Film," my aunt taught me so much on photographing horses for their best views. My next door neighbor in high school owned a year book company and taught me how to take pictures of people. I can't tell you how many friends I tortured in high school making them model for me. I was so lucky to have been taken under the wing of the late world reknowned equine photographer, Leroy Weathers. He and his late wife, Winnie, taught me to use my talent to literally fix ears with paint on prints since there wasn't digital to fix that kind of detail back then. I took my love of photography to my friends with in the early 90's and started doing glamour shoots. The non traditional poses that you didn't see in the magazines. The ones showing the relationship with their horses.

These two passions, painting and photography, have become ingrained in my soul and I take pride in bringing that out in each. 

I feel that whether it is just a small mini family photography session or a painting, you should feel like you are top priority and treated with five star service. You are my priority. I look forward to working with you in the future.